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  • Personal Training

    Active HUMAN currently has a franchised personal training business that works out of the Platinum Fitness First on Market St Sydney. We have been working there since 2006....

  • Remedial Massage and Myofascial Dry Needling

    Active HUMAN offers the latest in Remedial Massage therapies. We are registered with AAMT and offer some health rebates with Remedial, Sports and Swedish massages. We...

  • Active Release Techniques

    Active HUMAN practitioners are full body qualified in Active Release Techniques. Certified in Upper limbs, Lower limbs, and Spine protocols. What is Active Release Techniques? ART is...

  • Corporate Events

    Active HUMAN offers a wide selection of services to corporations not just to its employees in their own time.  Every company that looks after its employees...



Active HUMAN is an integration of several aspects of healthcare. Originally started as a personal training only business, helping people achieve their fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle. After many years of many successful stories of achievements we started realizing that there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just increasing ones fitness. There was a need to help balance out the rest of their potential as well.


The more clients we helped the more we realized that when a client is injured and unable to train themselves, we had an obligation to help them return to a pain free lifestyle. We started to incorporate Massage and other soft tissue therapies. This worked great, however we wanted the results to be achieved faster and more permanent. We then started to train with ART, active release techniques. ART was great, it was fast, efficient and specific. It is a hands on soft tissue modality that would help restore range and mobility to the joints and muscles. Always trying to improve our techniques we have now started to use Dry Needling for even a deeper and more efficient soft tissue release. The needles go deeper than the hands can and they create a chemical effect in the muscle which helps the muscle to instantly relax and let go. The results are unimaginable.


After the muscles and joints have normal range and mobility. Then we begin the structural balance training. This is where we use strength training to restore a balance to all the muscles. Basically left equals right, front equals back. The body needs to have all the muscles in the correct flexibility and strength ratios for the body to maintain an equilibrium. If you experience pain or tightness, it is usually because something is not in the correct ratio with something else.


After all muscles and joints are in correct ratio, we then can move on to more advanced lifting techniques. This is when the body really starts to take shape. We recommend healthy eating habits from day 1 and this will create a lean healthy body. Good nutrition is our bodies fuel. Without it we are left bloated, lethargic, and less impressive with our reflections.